onsdag 17 januari 2007

World War III ?

According to Sam Gardiner, retired Colonel of the US Air Force and the one running the initial war games at the National War College that impressed President George W. Bush so much that he decided to invade Iraq, predicts that the US will attack Iran by the end of February. Gardiner, who was also involved in James Fallows' "Will Iran Be Next?" Atlantic Monthly article from 2004, outlines four additional steps before a strike can be contemplated:

1./ A media group within the National Security Council to create outrage against Iran, will begin to state the case for an attack.

2./ Deployment of anti-missile defense equipment to Israel.

3./ Deployment of some of the newly arriving Army brigades in Iraq to the Iranian border. The function of these would be to hold off the Iranian army from Iraq.

4./ Deployment of US Airforce tankers to obscure places like Bulgaria, as a final step before the attacks. They would then be involved in refuelling of the USAF B2 bombers going into Iran.

These would be some of the developments towards an attack against Iran. Steps which I believe will be looked upon by the historians as the beginning of the Third World War.



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