måndag 1 januari 2007

A simple crime

I'm reading a book by Theodor Kallifatides, a Greek immigrant who came to Sweden in the 1960's. Although he speaks Greek as his mothertongue he still manages to write books in Swedish. It seems as though the first part of the book was a badly sketched copy of what native Swedish crime writers usually are doing very well, a good plot with good descriptions of both people and places. I was indeed tempted to throw the book away, but after 150 pages or so something happens. The language becomes better and more descriptive. Not only that but the book also begins a philosophical discussion about the justice system. A discussion which puts Kallifatides amongst other contemporary Greek thinkers like Georgios Karavanas. In all I can't help but thinking that he had the first part lying round in his computer and that he simply finished the book off one day when he felt inspired.

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