söndag 31 december 2006

The Prestige

I watched a movie yesterday, The Prestige, with Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine. Scarlett Johansson appears in a Cameo. The film is about two illusionists (Jackman and Bale) who are competing about the best trick. The film is set in the late 19'th century in London, and it's intriguing how the actors can speak English with an American accent. Then I would like to state that all movies (and literature for that matter) is a result of the time in which it was made and not about the time in which it's set. Thus, the most interesting scene was when Hugh Jackman stood on stage and spoke out to the public and said something about the times that was about to change radically. This may be a dire prediction for the year 2007.

fredag 29 december 2006


I went out eating with brother yesterday. We went to the Swedish restaurant "Rabarber" on Torsgatan, but although the Entrée (tomatosoup-on the house!) was OK, my Entrecote wasn't. Anyhow, my brother's "Choucroute" was apparently fine.

A personal reflexion when going home was that the Manager is perhaps worrying a little too much about the economic turnover.

torsdag 28 december 2006


I'm enjoying myself completely alone in the office. Life's good when you decide for yourself what to do and when to do it.

onsdag 27 december 2006

I was reading the newspaper this morning (SvD), and I found an interesting article by Ola Säll about the coming conflict in Sudan.

tisdag 26 december 2006