onsdag 10 januari 2007

Strike against Iran?

Very interesting piece by Michael Klare in Monday's issue of "The Nation". Klare, a lecturer in war and peace studies at Amherst in Massachussetts and author of the book "Blood and Oil", discusses the recent change of personnel within the US Cental Command (Centcom). Money quote:

If engagement with Iran and Syria was even remotely on the agenda, Abizaid is exactly the man you'd want on the job at Centcom overseeing US forces and strategy in the region. But if that's not on the agenda, if you're thinking instead of using force against Iran and/or Syria, then Admiral Fallon is exactly the man you'd want at Centcom.

Klare believes that the US will escalate the Iraq conflict and strike against Iran within 2007. I believe that the American's will have no problems getting Angela Merkel, Tony Blair/Gordon Brown and possibly a newly elected Nicolas Sarkozy on the train as well. These Europeans are beginning to understand how important energy are for their societies. When the oil price were 20 US$ per barrel they had a relatively high influence in the world even without an actual military, but when oil is price is at 55 US$ their influence on the world scene is substantially less important. The geopolitical reasons for striking against Iran are very easy to see. It's there where the prize is. 2007 proves to become a very interesting year.


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