fredag 12 januari 2007

Preparations for war in Iran?

Jerome Corsi describes further the naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the march to war with Iran. It's interesting to see that this article does not come from any leftist peace organisation, but rather from deep within the neo-conservative nest around US President George W. Bush. Corsi, who co-authored the book "Unfit for command: Swift boat veterans speak out about John Kerry" apparently has a direct link to the White House. I tend to agree with George Ure on the blog "Urban Survival" when he says that the tactic behind the massive presence in the Gulf is to make the Iranians make the first move. I fear what will happen if the Iranians sink one of these american aircraft carriers that are As Michael Klare recently said: "Beware of Empires in decline". It will be interesting to see how rapid the imminent collapse will be.

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